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Belgian Society of Paediatric Haematology Oncology

The BSPHO unites the recognized Belgian centres in paediatric haemato-oncology and their professionals to share expertise and knowledge to improve treatment and patient care in childhood cancer

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BSPHO, our mission

The BSPHO's mission is to improve the care and ensure access to the most effective treatments for children and adolescents with cancer in Belgium.

Together we are stronger


  • Why is long-term follow-up needed?
  • Post treatment: The long-term follow-up plan
  • What to tell your doctor during follow-up visits?
  • Research and collaboration: Improving the quality of survival

Latest news

Preview Image Ctd 2024 Highlights

BSPHO Clinical Trial Day 2024: Highlights

The BSPHO Clinical Trial Day 2024 was held on 21 June at the Park Inn Hotel in Leuven. Read the event highlights.

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Royal Decree on paediatric oncology in Belgium

The amendment to the Royal Decree on paediatric oncology which groups patients in a smaller number of reference centres and creates networks to organise parts of the treatment trajectory close to the patient's home is published.

Preview Image I Euro Ewing
New Study Open

iEuroEwing: New trial for Ewing sarcoma patients launched in Belgium

In June 2024, the International Euro Ewing (iEuroEwing) trial was launched to evaluate treatment optimisation in patients with Ewing sarcoma.

Preview Image Scientific Meeting Feb 2024

BSPHO Scientific Meeting February 2024

The first BSPHO Scientific Meeting of 2024 brought together physicians and researchers to discuss paediatric haemato-oncology advancements.


Next events

Preview Image 2nd Scientific Meeting Bspho (3)

BSPHO Scientific Meeting

The 2nd BSPHO Scientific Meeting of 2024 will take place in September at the BSPHO office.

Preview Image Website Events & News    Kc Patient Conference Nov 2024

KickCancer Patient Conference 2024

For the 3rd year in a row, KickCancer will organise their patients’ conference in concertation with BSPHO.

Preview Image Young Bspho Symposium 2024

Young BSPHO Symposium 2024

Join us at the Young BSPHO symposium, showcasing diverse perspectives in pediatric oncology through presentations and interactive Q&A sessions.


Our Donors

Become a donor of the BSPHO's ‘To Cure and Beyond’ fundraising campaign so that children and young people with cancer can reap the benefits of scientific research.