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FaR-RMS: A new study for children and adults with rhabdomyosarcoma launched in Belgium

New study launched: FaR-RMS study investigates novel treatments for pediatric and adult Rhabdomyosarcoma patients, aiming to enhance outcomes.

FaR-RMS is a new international study sponsored by the University of Birmingham and in collaboration with Bayer. In Belgium the study is coordinated nationally by the Hôpital Universitaire Des Enfants Reine Fabiola (HUDERF), with Dr Christine Devalck acting as the national principal investigator. All Belgian paediatric hemato-oncology centres are participating in this study. This trial is open in Belgium thanks to the financial support of KickCancer.

Rhabdomyosarcoma (RMS) is the most common paediatric soft tissue sarcoma, but this type of cancer may also affect adults. The survival rate of patients affected by low risk or standard risk RMS is very high, however the prognosis of patients with very high risk or metastatic RMS remains lower. These patients may benefit from new therapeutic schemas.

FaR-RMS is an overarching study for children and adults who have been diagnosed with RMS for the first time or have experienced a relapse of the condition. The study follows a multi-arm, multi-stage format, encompassing various trial questions. FaR-RMS is designed as an ongoing research program, and will continuously adapt by introducing new treatment approaches based on emerging data and innovations. The primary objectives of this study are diverse: it seeks to assess the effects of novel treatment regimens in individuals with both new and relapsed RMS cases. Furthermore, it will investigate whether altering the duration of maintenance therapy influences outcomes and whether modifications in dosage, scope (in cases of metastatic disease), and timing of radiotherapy can enhance outcomes and the patient’s quality of life. 

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