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29th PanCare meeting: Ghent, Belgium

Registration is now open for the 29th PanCare meeting, which will be held from September 20th to 22nd, 2023 in Ghent, Belgium. Hosted by Els Vandecruys and Lieselotte Wauters from the Department of Pediatric Hemato-Oncology at Ghent University Hospital, with support from vzw Kinderkankerfonds, the meeting promises an engaging program focused on long-term follow-up and survivorship care.

The event will feature presentations, scientific updates, and interactive workshops catering to survivors, parents, healthcare professionals, and researchers. On September 21st, there will also be a fun run/walk, and a social dinner at 'Salons Carlos Quinto' on the evening of September 21st. Travel and accommodation stipends will be available for survivors and parents upon application.

For more information and registration, please visit the PanCare website or contact them.

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