Past events

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BSPHO Symposium 2023

The 13th BSPHO symposium (Rehabilitation in childhood oncology) will be held on November 24th, 2023.

Preview Image Run to Kick 2023
Fundraising Event

Run to Kick 2023

Looking for a team to join during the Run to Kick 2023? Join our BSPHO team!

Preview Image Pancare Meeting 2023

29th PanCare meeting: Ghent, Belgium

PanCare Meeting: Registration open now! An engaging program focused on long-term follow-up and survivorship care.


BSPHO Clinical Trial Day 2023

The registration for the BSPHO Clinical Trial Day is now open! The Clinical trial Day is an annual closed event for BSPHO members, study coordinators and pharmacists.

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Seminar by Prof. Steven Goossens

A seminar is being hosted by Prof. Steven Goossens regarding asparaginase treatment of acute lymphoblastic leukemia.

Preview Kickcancer
Fundraising Event

Eclair Day - KickCancer

For an entire day, eclairs will be sold with the intention of defeating children's cancer.