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UZ Gent Symposium: Drug Delevopment From Bench To Bedside

The upcoming UZ Gent symposium will take place on April 25-26 2024, in Ghent. This event is hosted in collaboration with UZ Gent Health, Innovation and Research Institute (HIRUZ), Drug Research Unit Ghent (DRUG), and Safepedrug Clinical Trial Unit (SPD_CTU).

This symposium serves as an opportunity for stakeholders to explore the clinical trial and drug research infrastructure and expertise available at Ghent University Hospital.

Who is it for?

Physicians, researchers, study coordinators, professionals within the pharmaceutical industry, and others interested in drug development.

Topics covered

Key topics of discussion include clinical trials in rare diseases, human challenge trials, insights from EU clinical trial regulations, gene therapies in ophthalmology, patient involvement in research, leveraging RCTs to understand biology, future GMP facilities for gene and cell therapy, sarcoma models database, Cochrane reviews in post-marketing surveillance, and more.

More details, Agenda & Registration

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