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BSPHO coordinated the evacuation of 4 Ukrainian children with cancer

Shortly after the start of the war in Ukraine in 2022, St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital started to organise the transfer of Ukrainian children with cancer to Western Europe to ensure the best care for the patients and their families. This is done with the support of the national organisations, with BSPHO being the National Coordinator for Belgium.

In 2022, BSPHO had coordinated the arrival of 10 Ukrainian children with cancer in Belgium to ensure the best care for patients and their families. You can read more about last year’s evacuation here.

In February 2023, BSPHO organised another convoy of 4 Ukrainian children with cancer from Ukraine to Belgium. This was done with the support of patients’ associations who supported the costs of the operation (RUN FOR HOPE) or helped with logistics coordination (TUKI, KinderkankerFonds, KickCancer). The evacuation was smooth and successful.

The patients are being treated in 3 PHO Hospitals whose social services were also key to make this operation a success.

Below you can see the patients’ evacuation journey.

Patient Evacuation Journey Bspho
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This news was written by BSPHO