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Neuroblastoma Educational Materials

After 1 year of work we are pleased to share Neuroblastoma educational materials developed by the working groups (WG) for patients and their families.

WG Leads were Safiatou Diallo & Stefanie Bekaerts.

3 different materials have been developed to discuss neuroblastoma with patients and their families (available in French & Dutch):

  • Neurobladoc : Intended for parents of a child with neuroblastoma, this guide aims to answer a number of questions that may arise when the diagnosis is announced, throughout treatment and after it.
  • Booklet « Anatole et la tanière étoilée » / « Anatol en zijn holletje vol met sterren » : Intended for patients with neuroblastoma and brothers/sisters, this booklet aims to help parents to speak about neuroblastoma and treatment.
  • Educational Video “what is neuroblastoma ?”

Below you can find all the documents:

Neurobladoc French

Neurobladoc Dutch

Booklet FR « Anatole et la tanière étoilée »

Booklet NL « Anatol en zijn holletje vol met sterren »

Educational Video Neuroblastoma French

Educational Video Neuroblastoma Dutch

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This news was written by BSPHO