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BSPHO Clinical Trial Day 2024: Highlights

The BSPHO Clinical Trial Day 2024, held on 21 June at the Park Inn Hotel in Leuven, marked another successful significant gathering for BSPHO members, study coordinators and pharmacists involved in clinical research. This annual event provides a platform for in-depth discussions on academic studies, ongoing research results, and national projects.  

Meeting Highlights

Highlights of the day's agenda included: 

  • Activity Reports: The BSPHO National Coordination Cell (NCC) shared their annual activity report and experiences with the new Clinical Trial Regulation (CTR).
  • Funding and drug convention updates: Pierre Mayeur discussed BSPHO funding and provided updates on the off-label drug convention.
  • Project Updates: Presentations on Project Late Effect (K. Vande Loock) and the Princess Project (B. A. David) focused on long-term effects and fertility preservation.
  • Cancer Statistics: Nancy Van Damme presented data on childhood cancer incidence and mortality in Belgium and the Netherlands.
  • Leukemia and Lymphoma: Updates included DB AML01 and NOPHO AML 2012 results (B. De Moerloose), ALL Together (A2G) initiative (V. Mondelaers), and future IntReALL T-ALL protocols (B. De Moerloose).
  • Virtual Presentation: Dr. Margreet Veening shared results of the Euronet-C2 fertility add-on study.
  • CNS and Bone & Soft Tissue Updates: An Van Damme and Leen Willems provided updates on the Firefly and Metro-PD 1 projects.
  • Clinical Insights: Pieter De Cock and Pauline Mazilier discussed Bu-TDM and hemorrhagic cystitis following HSCT in children.
  • Teardrop: Liselot Mus outlined teardrop priorities and sample access rules.

The presentations are available on the professional section of the BSPHO website : BSPHO Meetings > Clinical trial day 

Below you can find photos from the 2024 Clinical Trial Day (click on them to expand):

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