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Neuroblastoma Educational Materials

Startdatum: januari 5, 2023
Einddatum: januari 15, 2023
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We are pleased to share Neuroblastoma educational materials developed by the working groups (WG) for patients and their families.

You can learn learn more about it and find the material here!

Hematology Summit 2nd Edition

Datum: maart 26, 2022
Locatie: Brussels or online
NL Public

BSPHO symposium

Datum: november 19, 2021
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Publication Haematological malignancies Belgium 2004-2018

Startdatum: juni 9, 2021
Einddatum: september 30, 2021
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The Belgian cancer registry is pleased to announce the publication haematological malignancies Belgium 2004-2018. This study results from the close partnership with the Belgian Society of Paediatric Haematology Oncology (BSPHO) and the collaboration with the Belgian Hematology Society (BHS). The e-book describes the epidemiological situation of haematological malignancies in Belgium for 15 consecutive years of incidence data. Here is the link to the Publication.

BSPHO Symposium

Datum: november 28, 2019
BSPHO | NL Public

SIOPE 2019 Annual Meeting

Startdatum: mei 20, 2019
Einddatum: mei 24, 2019
NL Public | SIOPE

BSPHO heeft steun gekregen van de Koning Boudewijn Foundation voor pediatrische oncologie

Datum: mei 6, 2019
BSPHO | NL Public